Edelweiss Mountain Lodging


Edelweiss Mountain Lodging

Let one of Edelweiss Mountain Lodging's vacation homes become your " home away from home," as a peaceful oasis from a world filled with time constraints and non-stop activity. Homes are located within 5 miles from beautiful Lake Pactola. Access ATV/UTV trails right from our homes.

Each vacation home offers their own unique atmosphere and set of amenities.  They are located conveniently near the Black Hills best attractions:  Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Hill City, Keystone, Deadwood to name a few. With so much variety, the perfect version of your getaway within reach. 

 We love to give you old-fashioned customer service. We will greet you on arrival, answer your questions, making your trip a little less stressful.

Black Hills Outdoor Fun

 This is our PASSION!

It really is! We absolutely love sharing our wonderful Black Hills with you and your family...
and we know you'll fall in love with it too! 

We lead you into the undiscovered beauty of the Black Hills along trails without the worries of time schedules, getting lost, or running out of gas.

You have your own unit and will follow one of our guides. We have  2 passengers,  4 passengers, and 6 passenger UTV's.

Ditch the maps and come enjoy the beautiful back trails.

You will receive a 15% discount when staying with us off the tour!



Not all of our homes sit on Edelweiss Mountain but for the ones that do here is a little information for you.

Edelweiss Mountain is a gated community. We ask that you are respectful the the residents living in the area.

Quiet time is 10 pm to 8 am. Voices carry so be aware of this when outside.

All of the homes have a NO SMOKING and NO PET POLICY. There are no exceptions. You may smoke outside but please make sure the cigarettes or cigars are put out, picked up and disposed of.

ATV and UTV riders are welcome. We just ask that you again are respectful and not tearing around the neighborhood.

Garbage is disposed of at the dumpsters on Alpine Drive.

Note on each home how many vehicles are allowed for parking and trailers. Not all the homes have parking for trailers.

There is 3 miles of gravel to most of the homes on Edelweiss. We do have several that do not sit up in the development so check on the site.

Four Wheel Drive is recommend in the winter months.

NO FIREWORKS are allowed.

NO OPEN FIRES are allowed other than the propane grilles or homes that have propane firepits.


                                                INFORMATION FOR QUOTES OR BOOKING

You will not be able to book online. We request that you send us an inquiry. 

Pricing is a base price then $20.00 extra for each additional adult after the first 2. Children under 16 are free. Unfortunately this program only lets us state extra guests, so pricing may be inaccurate.

When getting to the last inquiry put in all adults and it should show the correct price. I always verify it when you book.

Prices quoted are cash or check prices. If you choose to pay with a credit card there is a surcharge of 4%. I will send a quote with this option.

Our deposit is $100.00 with the remaining balance due on arrival. If you cancel there is no refund on the deposit.

If you cancel 2 weeks prior to arrival you will not be charged anything other than the deposit. If you cancel 1 week prior you will be charged 1/2 your stay.

I will be in contact with you once you inquire. If you do not hear from me please call us at 605-574-2430.